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Rant about walmart.com

I ordered a new toy for myself.  A Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset.  I justified the purchase by telling myself that it will make my commute safer when I had to return pages while driving.  I found the model and price I wanted from walmart.com.  Order came in 2 days.  Everything was great until my order shipped.  Headset shipped with only bubble wrap.  No fancy box, no extra earpiece for better fit, no warranty info and only part of the instructions.  The headset itself was chipped, scuffed, and had something that looked like earwax on it.  Ya, I know, gross.  I cleaned the earpiece off until it was pristine.  I even contemplated using an alcohol swab on it but didn’t want to use chemicals on it if I might return it.  When I tried the earpiece, it didn’t fit.  Without extra earpieces for better fit, I was screwed.  Drove to my local Walmart while cussing about such poor customer service.  Thankfully, brick and mortar Walmart was more responsible than walmart.com.  They let me return the order and even paid my shipping!  Kudos to brick and mortar Walmart, boo to walmart.com.  Expect an angry letter from me soon.

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